A New Year with New Aspirations

A New Year with New Aspirations


Time can not pass fast enough to get 2016 over and done with.  So many people I speak to all say that 2016 was a tough year in many aspects.  The economy in our country has had a huge effect on business this year, in most industries.

So as the end of the year comes approaches, and a new year is on the horison, we all start to think about what the coming year will have in store for us both on a business and personal level.

What are your aspirations for the new year?  Do you have a solid plan in place or are you going to take it as it comes?

For me personally, I hope to spend more time on my photography in the new year.  It has not been easy the past year, as my Web and Graphic Design business has kept me plenty busy.  I seem to every week say “I am going to go out this weekend and take photos”, but by Friday I am so exhausted from the long hours spent on design work, that on Saturday I just want to stay at home and relax.

I have been quite busy with product photography the last couple of months, but it does not involve any form of creativity.  I am a creative being and I need to feed my soul with creativity.  The web and graphic design is creative, but you still have to some extent stick to the client’s brief, which in some cases is quite restrictive.  I need to go somewhere where I have not been before and just take in the scenery and make some memories with my camera.  Hopefully 2017 will put me in a position to do just that.

I hope your aspirations for the new year all come true and I wish everyone a joyful, happy and very prosperous 2017.

God Bless