In 2010 I took on a project that would change my life forever.  I worked on a website through my Web and Graphic Design Company T13 Design, for the Africa Photographic Awards with a world-renowned Wildlife photographer, in conjunction with Nikon South Africa.  As the project drew to completion, I asked my client if, as payment they could give me a basic DSLR camera, as I was getting more and more requests from clients whether I take photos for websites as well.

From the first day, holding that camera in my hands, photography very quickly became an obsession and I would read every photographic magazine I could lay my hands on for inspiration.  Every opportunity would be spent on trying different settings on the camera to see what effect it had.

Today my equipment has improved vastly from that camera, and I have also obtained a Diploma of Photography as well as a Wedding Photography Diploma from The Photography Institute.  Some of my images have been featured in local photographic and sports magazines, and have also won various awards on online community sites and some photography competitions.  Since 2019 I have also been appointed as an official photographer for South African Home Owner Magazine.

Some photographers believe you should choose a genre and stick to it, but for me photography is a passion that I need to constantly feed and I take every opportunity I can to do so.